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The Town of Bronson is the county seat of Levy County, and referred to as the "Heart of Levy County". Originally known as "Chunky Pond", it was founded by James C. Bronson in 1839. Bronson was a friend of David Levy Yulee, an early United States senator for whom Levy County is named, and who is credited with first bringing the railroad to west Florida. The railroad, which ran from Fernando Beach to Cedar Key passed through the Town of Bronson.

The original settlement of Bronson consisted of a saw mill and trading post. Logging was a big industry in the area, as was the growing of citrus. The area around Bronson reportedly had about 75 different orange groves. In the early years, Bronson was a crossroads town, and an important stop along the route of the railroad. But as the land began to be logged out, and the hard freezes in the 1890s destroyed the orange groves, Bronson's heyday was over. And it has been a quaint small town ever since.

Even though the incorporated area of Bronson has retained its "small town" atmosphere and modest population, the land to the east of the town has developed into a growing community. Known as "East Bronson", this area reported a population of 1,945 in the 2010 census.

Each year Bronson has a street parade on Veteran's Day, with accompanying ceremony and festivities. And since 2015, the town has hosted a blueberry festival in the spring.

One of Bronson's claims to fame is that it is the final resting place of musician Bo Diddley, who lived for many years in nearby Hawthorne and Archer, Florida, and died in 2008. His elaborate tombstone can be seen in the Bronson Cemetery.Activities & Facilities
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