Inglis Lock Recreation Area - Cross Florida Greenway
The Inglis Lock Recreation Area is a part of the Cross Florida Greenway that extends for 110 miles from Yankeetown on the west coast to just south of Palatka on the St. Johns River near the east coast of Florida.

Inglis Bypass is a manmade canal constructed to divert water from the Withlacoochee River as part of the Cross Florida Barge Canal ... a failed public works project from many years ago. The bypass canal includes a spillway to regulate fresh water flow into the lower Withlacoochee. The original plan for the bypass included a lock to allow boat traffic along the canal. However, the lock has been non-operational since 1999.

Access to Inglis Lock Recreation Area is via State Road 40 east of U.S. 19. The recreation area borders the north shore of the Inglis Bypass Canal, and includes the old navigational lock and a bridge to Inglis Island. The West Zone field office for the Cross Florida Greenway is also located here.

From the parking area at Inglis Lock Recreation Area, there is a 3.7 mile mowed grass trail that extends to the west along the north side of the bypass canal. The trail is suitable for hiking or mountain bike riding. An unpaved trail also leads to the east along the bypass canal providing access to the west side of Lake Rousseau.

The Inglis Lock Recreation Area allows access to Inglis Island, where there are 7.6 miles of natural surface trails and 2.3 miles of paved multi-use trail. Inglis Island is open for equestrian use, but horses and trailers must access to island from the south at Inglis Dam & Island Recreation Area.
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