Sugarmill Woods Parcel - Annutteliga Hammock Unit - Withlacoochee State Forest
The Annuteliga Hammock Unit covers 7,088 acres of land managed by the State of Florida conservation and Recreation Lands Program, and is part of Withlacoochee State Forest. It is composed of two tracts; the Sugarmill Woods parcel and the World Woods parcel. Over 14 miles of trails are available within Annutteliga Hammock.

The Sugarmill Woods Parcel does not include any marked hiking trails. However hiking is allowed on the 12 miles of horse trails, which are marked with blue blazes. Access and parking for horse trailers is provided at the Oak Park North trailhead on the north side of County Road 480. This is where the navigation link below will take you. Hikers may also enter at the Cowpen trailhead which is off the west side of County Road 491.

The Oak Park South trailhead is located just east of the Oak Park North trailhead along the south side of County Road 480. It provides access to the south portion of the Annutteliga Hammock Unit.

Overnight camping is not allowed in the Sugarmill Woods Parcel.Activities & Facilities
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