Blue Grotto
The Blue Grotto Dive Resort is a fresh water spring and cave open to the public near Williston, Florida. This is a privately owned spring that charges an admission fee. And only registered scuba divers may enter the water. An open-water certification is required to dive the spring cavern, and a cave diving certification is required to scuba dive in the Blue Grotto Cave.

The spring opening at Blue Grotto extends 100 feet below the surface of the spring pool. Several open water platforms are provided within the spring cavern, as well as an air bell that is thirty feet below the surface. The main section of the spring is lighted for night dives. More experienced divers with a cave-diving certification may explore the Blue Grotto Cave. All dives within the cave system require that you be accompanied by an experienced guide.

Resident guides are available for those wishing to dive the cave. The Blue Grotto also has a complete selection of scuba diving and cave diving courses available for those looking to improve their skills and become certified.

The Blue Grotto Dive Resort also provides above ground facilities for picnicking. Several shelters are provided for your dive gear, and picnic pavilions are available for use between dives. There is a bath house with hot showers. A fully equipped dive shop is available on site.

Overnight tent camping is permitted at the site. There are also rental cabins that may be reserved in advance. A swimming pool is provided for overnight guests.
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