Worm Gruntin' Festival
Sopchoppy, Florida
1 day long, 2nd Saturday in April
Founded in 2001
Drive a wooded stake (called a "Stob") into the ground, rub the stake with a "roopin iron" to make it vibrate, and nearby earthworms are agitaged and come to the surface. This ancient technique of gathering worms is called "worm grunting". And the process has been turned into a competition in Sopchoppy, Florida, where they claim to be the worm gruntin' capital of the world.

While it sounds silly, worm grunting is a serious occupation in this area where fishing is a local pastime and an important source of tourist revenue. There are locals who make their living worm grunting to collect worms to sell for bait. Contestants come from all over north Florida and nearby southern states. The festival has been featured by Charles Kuralt on CBS, and by Mike Rowe of "Dirty Jobs" fame on Discovery channel.

The actual worm grunting contest is held early in the morning, along with a 5K run. At noon, the live music begins and continues until late into the evening. Also included in the festivities are a horseshoe contest, a hula hoop contest, and arts and craft vendors. Food and drink vendors are on the festival grounds, which consumes most of downtown Sopchoppy.

The grand finale is the "Grunters' Ball" ... an outdoor dance and celebration with live music. There is no admission charge for the festival, and all events and entertainment are free.Activities & Facilities
RestaurantPicnic shelterDogs allowedArts/crafts vendorsLive musicShort hiking trails

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